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Strategy is the main foundation of any project. This allows us to plan a list of necessary work to meet client needs. Planning includes preparing a list of tasks for development, administration, QA and deploy changes.



A set of works performed by our developers which contain all required changes and deployment. Also checking to make sure that all changes and functionality are working correctly on the production website. It means that our team can implement any of your web-site functionality ideas into reality by creating a custom module. Build custom integrations from scratch, implement various back-end and frontend modifications.


Magento Setup

The one of our favorite tasks is starting the project from scratch. It means that we can build the correct workflow on the start. Because such changes are really painful for already moved to production projects. Our main workflow is to use GIT version control system for deploying and code review. We also do not hesitate to use other deployment systems like Capistrano or Jenkins etc. if customer has such requirements. Platform setup also contains work with specific server configuration for Magento by default.


3rd Party Extension Integration

Develop something that has already been developed by someone else before in Ukraine called – to invent the bike. Our team’s policy does not allow us to take into development tasks that can be solved by purchasing ready-made modules. This saves the client’s money, and gives us the freedom for creativity with interesting tasks that we have not encountered before. Therefore, in our work, there was no any project that was complete without 3rd Party modules integration.


Performance Improvements

Each eCommerce web-site requires performance optimization to meet business requirements.

Web-server optimization.
Image optimization
Minification of HTML templates.
CSS files minification.
Advanced JavaScript Bundling – it differs from the functionality out of the box. Because it creates JS bundle files for all magento JS code base and loads it on each page even if most part of code is not required for it. Also even if default bundling is enabled it still makes Google Page Speed Tool nervous and as a matter of fact it never won’t be in a green range. So it requires the solution to split all JS code base into different bundle files. And each bundle will be loaded only on related web pages. This will reduce page load speed and increase web-site performance.
Maintenance & Support
Due to magento back-end specification your web-site requires maintenance and support because some processes like cron jobs might be stuck or throw errors because of the wrong data type received. Since errors can be displayed on the user side, it is imperative that a support developer intervention is needed to identify and resolve the error. We provide our customers with 24/7 support which makes it possible to sleep well.


Quality Assurance

Any change in the code can lead to irreversible consequences in the database or the client’s image loss due to displayed errors in the user part of the site. Our workflow says that first all code changes are should be properly tested by the developer, then deployed to the staging environment for QA testing. If test has been passed, changes are going to the release. This allows us to reduce the likelihood of bugs to a minimum.

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